Sunday, October 14, 2012

Queen for the Day

Look at that! I drew another queen today.

Queen of Chalices - Tarot of the Magical Forest

It seems appropriate because today was my birthday, and my family made me Queen for the day.  They cleaned up, made dinner, and baked me a delicious lemon cake from scratch.

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  1. Sounds lovely! Happy Belated Birthday :) And remember, you deserve to be a Queen every day ;)

  2. Ooo! Happy birthday!

    I am so sorry I didn't see this until today. I've been slow on catching up with blogs. The cake sounds super tasty.

    I hope you find lots of good ways to treat yourself this week and the rest of the year. Oh, and Saturn moved out of Libra recently (a week or so ago?) so that is really good news for Libras. :)


  3. Thanks, MM! I'm really hoping to feel some relief with Saturn out of Libra. :-) (I don't know anything about astrology, but I have been feeling squeezed for the last several years.)


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