Friday, August 31, 2012

Stop Repressing

Today I drew the Two of Cups reversed, and in reference to the question I have been asking this week, "What one thing can I do today to help me move toward accomplishing my goals?" I was a little confused about how to read that.

Two of Cups Reversed - Revelations Tarot

My first thought was the card was telling me that I'm not loving myself, and that I need to be doing that.  That felt too cliché, as true as it is, and I also thought maybe, given that the card was reversed, I should find out what others have to say about this card reversed.

This paragraph at did ring true with me:

"Become receptive to "limiting" feelings - allow yourself to feel deeply - transform any "limiting" feelings and maintain your inner balance. Think things over - put aside your anger and allow a new perspective to develop - deter anything which arises from undesirable external situations and allow your inner peace to radiate outwards. Try not to repress your emotions - learn to emotionally regenerate and revitalize yourself. Recognize that you are capable of experiencing great happiness even in the driest of times."

The part about trying not to repress my emotions was especially on point. I avoid what makes me feel anxious, and just about anything can make me feel anxious if I feel I can't perfectly handle the job before me. Instead of looking at that anxiety for what it is, I avoid it altogether, and that avoidance and procrastination creates more anxiety, which I deal with by one of my various methods of escape.

So today, I'm going to face one little area of my world that makes me feel anxious, and I'm going to let myself feel that anxiety, and then I'm going to stop procrastinating and tackle the job!

“Good enough is good enough. Perfect will make you a big fat mess every time.” 

~Rebecca Wells, The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder

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