Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Thing

Over a month ago I was playing around with a new phone app I installed called "The Goddess Tarot". I reflected on my question, which was "What do I need to do to move forward with my fitness goals?"

I drew Nine of Pentacles.

Nine of Pentacles -Goddess Tarot

At the time, I had been thinking that gardening would be a good way to accomplish two of my goals: get into better shape and fix up my poor neglected yard, so I couldn't help but smile when I drew this card.  It was such an encouragement to me.  I saw a woman in a beautiful garden wearing an expression of peace and serenity.  This woman was on the verge of accomplishing every one of her goals.

The dove, at her fingertips represents, to me, the Holy Spirit, a creative force outside of us and inside of us that loves us, directs us, and provides everything we need.  It's a reminder to me that I can't ignore my spirit, and that God loves me and wants me to find joy and passion in my everyday living.

Since then, the Nine of Pentacles has become a card that represents all that I hope to be.  When I look at any deck, I always check out the Nine of Pentacles first.   She is a woman who has such a balanced energy.  She is at peace with herself.  She is confident. She creates beauty wherever she goes, and she derives pleasure and joy from the beauty around her.  She sees God in all things and draws on divine wisdom in all of her earthly dealings.

Today, I set the Nine of Pentacles down, and considered the question, "What ONE thing can I do today to help me reach my goals?"

First, I think it's helpful if I define my current goals:
  1. Lose weight.  I'm unhappy with the way my body looks, but I'm even unhappier with how it feels and what the lack of energy prevents me from doing.
  2. Fix up - declutter - decorate those problem areas of my home that weigh me down every time I look at them.
  3. Fix up my yard and lay the groundwork for a vegetable garden next year. (build raised beds, research, order seeds, etc.)
  4. Find something or rediscover a creative pursuit that fills me up.  I have several things that come to mind, but I don't have the energy or resources to get back into any of those passions.  I need to, though.  I'm filling the gap with counterfeit self-love, anything to escape or busy my mind so I don't think about how bored and depleted I am.
Nine of Pentacles - Revelations Tarot

What one thing can I do today to bring me closer to my goals, which are represented by the Nine of Pentacles above?

Judgement - Revelations Tarot
Judgement. Perfect. It's time to make some decisions.  I know what needs to be done.  I understand how my own actions have brought me to the place I am now.  Today I need to reflect and reevaluate.  I need to look at the pieces of my life, my habits that are no longer serving me, and I need to make a decision about those things.  What has to go completely?  How can I make my environment more conducive to success?  Time to stop escaping and finally take an honest look at the matter.

This is a perfect card for a new start for me.

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I love the Nine of Pentacles, too! Wrote about it for the last blog hop (well, a number of us did), and I like the sense of using your resources wisely, taking time to assess what they are... :)

  2. Yes! I like that too, and it is also very much what I need to be doing right now.


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