Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Spread 8/24/12

Daily Spread.


Revelations Tarot

Today was one of those times when I was tempted to pick these cards up, put them back in the deck and draw three more.  The second card is the only one that made any sense to me.  My first impression there was that I should start saving money, spending more wisely, try sticking to a budget.  The other cards?  Confusion.  In the past, though, when I've drawn confusing cards and stuck with them, reading about each card while looking closely at the images, I've gotten some of my best insights.

I started with the Revelations Tarot Companion, and I focused more on the reversed meaning since this card came up in the, "Stop," position:

"The reversed King of Cups embodies a depressive individual who has allowed his emotions to overrun his life.  He mopes and laments his feelings and has a tendency to do so with excessive drinking.  As an escapist, he may also indulge in drugs and other vices to take his mind off his emotional traumas."

Well, I haven't been moping and lamenting lately.  At least, I wouldn't describe it that way, more like sleeping in, hangin' in my jammies, and watching TV all day.   So, the escapism described does resonate with me, and um, the cards seem to be suggesting that the bottle of wine I drank last night might not be the best way to deal with my boredom and current lack of passion and inspiration. Hmmmm.  Come to think of it, I've seen that King of Cups guy reversed before.  So, yeah, I can agree that I should stop doing that, but how?  Maybe I should refer to this reading

Start?  This is a time of plenty with fat overtime paychecks, so putting some money aside makes sense.

The World card in the, "Continue," position is interesting since I think of completion and the end of a cycle when I see it.  Maybe it's encouraging me to continue working toward my goals until I reach completion, or that completion is indeed possible because I've been a little worried that I'll never get there.  Frankly, I could use the encouragement, so I'll take it!

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