Thursday, August 16, 2012


I intentionally drew the devil card to represent addictions and excesses. The main thing keeping me from being everything I hope to be is my need to escape, lose myself in meaningless pursuits to avoid my fear of not succeeding or my fear of not succeeding perfectly. I can't be perfect, so I shrink into an abyss with food, the computer, too much wine. All of these things keep me from exploding into the glorious woman I was created to be.

So, I put the devil at the top of my spread, and I drew two more cards asking, When I feel tempted to escape, what two things can I do?

I drew The King of Pentacles and The Hermit.  So, my interpretation is that I can either work toward accomplishing my goals.  I want to create a beautiful garden, and Lord knows I have a lot of work to do there.  I also want to declutter and redecorate some areas in my home, and the biggie:  I want to lose some weight and get fit.  I have lots of things to work on, and all of those would provide an escape from my addictions, but what to do when I turn to my addictions to escape that work?

Well, the second card I drew was The Hermit.  I need to get away.  I need to remove myself from the situation that is causing me anxiety, causing me to want to escape.  Where to go?  What to do?  Maybe I should have drawn a couple more cards to address these questions.

This reading was a kind of, "No duh!" reading, but I thought it was cool that tarot could tell me what I already know so well.

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