Thursday, August 23, 2012

Warrior Princess

A couple days ago I did a 3 card reading:  Where I am now / Where I aspire to be / How to get there.

Where do I aspire to be?  I pulled the seven of wands.

Seven of Wands - Revelations Tarot

I saw the card and thought of fighting and conflict, which confused me because that is not where I want to be, but when I looked closer I saw a determined warrior.  I see a strong woman who is holding her ground, ready to do whatever it takes to win the battle.  The background reminds me of sinewy muscle.  She is fierce, confident and focused.  She's Xena the Warrior Princess! When I look at her, I have little doubt that she will also be the victor.

That is where I aspire to be!  I want to be fit and healthy.  It's what has been on my mind for months now.   I know I need to persevere and put in consistent effort to get there.  I want to be my own champion.  When I groan before stepping out for a walk or a workout, this card will come to mind.

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