Saturday, September 8, 2012


As part of my "hermit-ing" today I did a reading for myself. I borrowed one from an article written by Alec Satin. I was thinking that today would be a good day to reflect on my blessings, and in this spread the reader discovers what blessing she brings to herself, the blessings her family and friends bring, and the blessings from Spirit.

Blessings: From yourself – From your loved ones – From Spirit

Nine of Pentacles, Nine of Cups, Ace of Swords - Revelations Tarot

I could not have pulled three more perfect cards for this spread. Whenever I feel touched by God in some way I always cry, and this spread brought sweet tears.

I mentioned in this post that the Nine of Pentacles represents all that I hope to be, and in this reading I'm being told that this is who I already am. I bless myself by creating beauty in my environment for myself, family, and friends. I work with the resources I have to make a loving, safe home. I am that Nine of Pentacles woman, and it was just so encouraging to see that maybe that is true.

My family and friends bring happiness, joy, and support in every single area of my life. It's really true. I do have a wonderful, supportive group of people surrounding me, and sometimes I isolate myself so much that it's easy to forget and not see the bounty around me.
Spirit brings truth, clarity, power, insight, and protection from fear.  This is so true.  Alec Satin wrote about this spread, "This is a surprisingly encouraging spread. Try it when you’re feeling down," and he was not lying.  This was a beautiful reading full of encouragement. 

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  1. I'll definitely be giving this spread a go - lovely! And such wonderful cards you got :)


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