Friday, June 27, 2014

Daily Lenormand Practice - Contract Negotiations

Letter, Man, Bear - Enchanted Lenormand Oracle

As a means of practicing Lenormand readings, I plan to draw three cards or so early in the day, write down my thoughts, and then see if I have any insights or clarity at the end of the day.

Letter, Man, Bear

An email, text, or message from a man about,...?  I don't know what the message could be about.  Maybe a way to improve my health and feel stronger. Perhaps an intimidating message, some abuse?


I didn't receive any important or intimidating texts or emails.  I wonder if this reading could be referring to the fact that my husband was home late last night because he had a union meeting.  They were discussing the upcoming contract negotiations.  The letter could represent the contract, the man; my husband, and the bear could represent the union.

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  1. This is a truly GREAT idea. I love it. Looking forward to seeing more of these. I think your idea about your husband's work makes total sense and is in line with the cards. I need to practice more with Lenormand, too. It's probably the thing I'm weakest on. I just haven't spent much time with it. I have Shaheen Miro's beautiful Tattered Nomad Oracle. It's a Lenormand but just has a few extra cards. I may have to try this, too! XOXOX

    1. Wait till you see the cards I drew today! Ha! ;-) (I won't be posting those until tomorrow morning, but I got an interesting read.) I like the Tattered Nomad Oracle. Nice cards! I want the Gilded Reverie Lenormand also.


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