Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lenormand Daily Practice - Slick Sales

Mice, Fox, Book - Enchanted Lenormand Oracle
As nice as yesterday's cards were these are unfriendly.  I honestly have no idea where they are pointing.  A cunning, manipulative thief has a secret?


I was disappointed because, at the end of the day, I could not connect these cards to anything that happened, but while I was lying in bed I remembered that earlier a salesperson had come to the door selling an educational program for kids.  Having been a door to door salesperson for an unscrupulous company in my youth I know that the majority of these companies train their young salespeople to do whatever necessary, including lying, to separate people from their money.

The salesperson that came to our door didn't want to take no for an answer.  She gave us the name of a neighbor of ours who supposedly bought the program and asked if she could come inside and show us what our other neighbors bought.  Finally, before she left she asked my husband for his name, which he gave her.  I said, "You know she's going to go next door and tell our neighbors you bought the program too, right?"  He said that wasn't his problem, which is true.

Anyway, the combination of the mice with the fox would certainly fit the bill for a slick salesperson trying to get our money, wouldn't it?  And the book could represent the educational program she was selling.

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  1. It is nice when you can find something to fit your cards. I had fox + rider + letter. Nothing: No postman, no mail, no nothing :D
    But tomorrow is a new day!

    1. I thought this day was going to turn up nothing. I had forgotten all about the salesperson because it was such a non-issue and because of that might be a stretch to think the cards were foretelling the visit, but it did fit the cards and helps me understand the meanings better, which is my purpose.

  2. It''s good to find these kinds of connections, and I like your interpretation of the book as the program she was selling.
    I like trying to find a non-predictive way to approach the cards, too. For instance, with these you could see them saying that with knowledge (Book), it's a question of use it (the Fox) or lose it (the Mice). So, if there was anything that came up in the day that called on something I used to know or do, I'd think about that choice.
    In some ways, that fits even with the salesperson thing - you used to know how to sell, and you used that knowledge to predict what she would do with your husband's name. I'm sure it also influenced how you chose to interact with her - staying strong in saying no :)

    1. Ah yes! That's a good way to look at it too! My experience with being a salesperson taught me many valuable lessons that have kept us out of trouble in the past. It's helps us whenever we go buy new or used cars from dealerships too! lol (My supervisor at the company used to be a car salesman, and he told us about the tricks and games they play to get people to buy.)

    2. I have to admit I shudder when I hear car-salesman tales. Plus, over here there have been tests done that show car mechanics bump their prices and do unnecessary work if a woman brings a car in, rather than a man. So many things to try to keep on top of, but it sounds like your experiences equipped you well :D

    3. We have the same problem with mechanics here. Very intimidating to try and get a fair deal when your car breaks down. Luckily, we have friends that know cars and are usually able to help us out when that happens.


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