Friday, June 27, 2014

New Moon in June

The Fool, Page of Cups - Joie De Vivre Tarot

This is a challenging pair for me to read.  The Fool and the Page of Cups are somewhat similar in my way of thinking, so maybe this reading is asking me to make a subtle shift, not a big sweeping change.

The Fool is about starting a new adventure, following impulses, letting go of worry, and this reading is asking me to release that energy.  The Page of Cups is about being open to my own creativity and/or intuition.  It's about embracing my emotions, emotions that I may be trying to avoid feeling.

Perhaps what I need to release is this feeling I have that I need to do something to usher in transformative change for myself.  I've been all about the goals and tracking my success (and failure) lately.  There is a time and a place for that, but maybe during this phase of my life I should be following my gut a little more, not for the purpose of change, but to just feel what I feel and go where the feeling leads me.  It is a subtle shift, indeed.

This particular fool is in motion about to step off the ledge, and the page is standing still, letting his cup be filled from above.  For this new moon, I'll worry less about stepping out to find my next grand adventure.  Instead, I'll be still and open to it when that next adventure finds me.

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  1. Another thought about this reading. A friend of mine *just now* wrote on Facebook about a dream she had about her brother who is also a friend of mine who died recently. In the dream he hugged her and told her he was okay. I think the Page of Cups is telling me to be open to these messages and the emotions they evoke.

  2. Oh, very nice reading. I love your idea about a subtle shift rather than a shocking change. And the part about allowing in emotions and intuitive impressions. Great read! That is very interesting about the dream/friend thing. Hugs!

  3. Hi Siddaleah. what a great reading.I love how you've pointed out the difference in posture of the Fool and the Page. This page has a soft and childlike receptive energy. which is emphasized by his cuddly bunny look :)

  4. Another beautiful reading, Siddaleah! Hope this lunation will see your cup filled to overflowing :)


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