Friday, June 20, 2014

Playing With Questions

I've been learning a bit about reading Lenormand, which I'm finding is a challenge. I think that's mainly because I don't have any questions I'm really interested in asking right now. In fact, tarot reading has become a bit stale for me for the same reason. I'm tired of asking the same tired questions about how to live a happier life. Know what I mean? I need some other people to read for to spark my interest again. Anyway, last night I was playing around with apps on my phone feeling bored and aimless so I asked, "Who has the answers?" This is the Lenormand spread I pulled on my phone:

 Dondorf Lenormand App
Heart, Lily, Fish.

Keywords that come to mind for these cards are: love, wisdom, wealth.

I read this as, "Your heart has an abundance of wisdom," or maybe "Trust your gut."

What do you see?

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  1. I love this trio. Perhaps you don't need to ask question all the time. Just see what the first card brings up and go from there.:)

  2. I love your interpretation! You could also read this as saying there are many wise hearts. I find so many answers to questions I didn't even know I was asking by reading other people's blogs :) I like Ellen's suggestion to just let the cards decide where they want to take you, too!


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