Friday, September 6, 2013


The Hermit - Galaxy Tarot

Today's, "Card of the Day," from my Galaxy Tarot phone app was The Hermit, which is fitting for the day considering I cancelled a lunch date and declined a party invitation for this evening.  I haven't been feeling well and really haven't had the energy to socialize lately.  Actually, I've been craving a solitary retreat, as I do from time to time.  Anyone know a comfy monastery?

Oh! I found one that welcomes visitors:  Our Lady of the Rock

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  1. Hmm, I think I'd be more likely to look for some kind of soul retreat, with yoga or just connecting to nature, than nun's, but I'll admit that's my religious prejudice showing through.

    Hope you find a way to give yourself some downtime, even if it's just a candle-lit bath :)

  2. Ha, I was just opening this to post something similar -- I think I'd prefer a yoga retreat or spa. :)

    If you do go on a monastic retreat, I'd love to read about it, Siddaleah!

  3. I grew up Catholic, so it'd be a little bit like going home for a visit after being gone for a long time, and this monastery is in a lovely spot in the San Juan Islands. It's a farm, and the nuns support themselves completely, receiving no money from the church. They welcome visitors of all faiths. It sounds really nice to me. :-)


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