Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let Go and Just Be

Ten of Cups, The Lovers, The Tower - Tarot of the Magical Forest

 I always freak out a little when The Tower comes up in a reading, especially if it's in the, "outcome," or, "future," position, as it is here.  Interestingly though, just before I pulled these cards I was having a conversation with some random person in my head.  (This is not unusual for me.)  I was telling this random person that when I do a reading, I tend to look at the cards as a counselor giving advice, as opposed to a fortune teller telling me what will be.  Sure, I do think of them as giving a glimpse into possible outcomes, but I still believe our decisions affect our outcomes.

The Tower is a little different, though.  Tower events happen to us all, and we rarely see them coming.  Painful and sometimes terrifying at the time, the event brings a much needed change, perhaps a change that has been resisted.  Still, I'll try to keep my own words in mind when considering these cards because I think it's significant that they came to me just before I pulled them.

The Lovers card in the position of my current situation makes a lot of sense.  This card from the Tarot of the Magical Forest has a real Yin and Yang feeling to it.  One white rabbit, the other black.  A tree with flames that looks a lot to me like a tree in fall, losing it's leaves, while the other looks lush and is bearing fruit.  The snake in the tree and the angel in the sky further remind me of choices: good or bad, right or wrong, pure or evil.

I wonder if this card is asking me to accept those things about myself that I find repugnant.  I wonder if this is just another guidepost among the many I've gotten lately telling me how important it is that I accept myself unconditionally.  Or maybe I just want to see it that way, as that puts a kinder spin on that Tower card over there.  I'm thinking (hoping?) The Tower card is referring to recent prayers and pleas to the Universe I've been making lately.  I've been wanting to surrender and let go of always striving to be better and be able to trust that God has my back and will bring all things together for my good without my needing to make it happen.

Or are The Lovers telling me I have a very important choice to make?  Choose unwisely, and that Tower will bring me to the very place I'm supposed to be anyway, except that it will be the more shocking and upsetting way to get there.

The Ten of Cups reminds me that I have a good life and a loving, supportive family.  I know that whatever comes for me in the future I'll have help along the way, if I can remember to ask for it, and if I can allow myself to lean on others during those times when I have trouble standing on my own.  It may also indicate the end of a cycle.  Summer is almost over and soon the dark months, as shown in the stormy sky of The Tower card will be upon me.  I have to take extra self-care measures to get through those months.

Self acceptance, gratitude for all I have, surrendering and letting go.  These seem to be the theme of my life lately.  It would be a relief to stop trying so hard and just be.

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  1. One thing that comes to me is also the choice between living in a make-believe, perfect world (which you will never live up to), and accepting life with all its uncertainty and troubles. The Tower may feel scary, but it is also real, it brings you back to the world outside that perfect-seeming edifice...

    1. Good catch! Now that you say it, I can see that too.

    2. I love how there can be so much in a single "simple" reading - layers within layers :)

  2. I think there are many possibilities to read those three cards and two out of three you have given us are very valuable. But when you write about a wrong choice that will lead up to the Tower. then I think that it is fear based talking. And when it comes to reading the tarot there should be no fear. You said it yourself that you don't like the fortunetelling part of the tarot. And neither do I because then you can fall in the fear trap :)
    It is a lovely deck

    1. Ellen, I'm so glad you mentioned fear. Whenever I have a tough decision to make and I'm not feeling peace about what I've chosen, I ask myself if I'm making the decision based on fear, and if so, what would I do if I made the decision in love. I hadn't thought of applying that to readings, but of course, you're right. There should be no fear. Thanks! :-)


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