Friday, September 13, 2013


The Spreading the Joy spread found in the little white book that comes with The Joie De Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy is delightful! 

 0 - What is joy to me? Page of Coins. 

I enjoy learning new things, and a new project can be invigorating, especially if it is an artistic or creative one.  There are several things I've loved in the past that I don't do anymore like making glass beads and jewelry, singing, playing guitar.  I also love inspiring others to learn along with me and watching others learn to do one of the crafts or projects I enjoy.
 1 - Where do I find joy the easiest? Ace of Coins

 Fresh starts and opportunities.  A new idea with a plan about how to bring it into being.  I tease my husband all the time and tell him, "I'm an idea woman!"  Often the idea involves work for him.  Eh, I'm all about the planning and the ideas, but the actual work involved with making those ideas a reality is another story which leads me to,...

 2 - Where must I work to find joy? Nine of Wands

I need to work at following through on those plans and ideas, giving them some muscle, and then I will experience the joy that comes from working hard for something and accomplishing a goal.   This makes me think of those novels I've started writing and haven't finished, the online art class I paid for and still haven't completed a single lesson or the embroidery project sitting in my nightstand drawer that I began before my marriage so I'd have something sweet to hang on my bedroom wall as a new bride.  That was 26 years ago!

 3 - What do I allow to block my joy? Five of Cups

Focusing on what I lack instead of intentionally noticing what I have is blocking my joy.  Instead of allowing myself to enjoy what I have I'm always looking for the next thing that will make me happy.  So often I'm desiring the next bite of pizza instead of the delicious bite that's already in my mouth.  I'm waiting for the Summertime instead of enjoying the new life that Spring brings or the opportunities to hunker down and enjoy the warmth of my home that comes with Winter.  Constantly striving and chasing after what I don't have takes all of my attention away from the abundance all around me.

 4 - Who should I watch to learn more about finding joy? The Sun

The card in this position is meant to point me to a "joy mentor."  I have some ideas what the Sun might represent.  The divine?  Is it God, which I often associate with light and warmth?  Or maybe it is literally referring to the sun.  I have always said that nothing lifts my spirits like a sunny day, and it's so true.  Maybe I could learn about finding joy if I try to remember how a sunny day makes me feel and bring that spirit into my life even on gray days.  I could ask myself what the sun does for me on a physiological level and think of ways to provide those things when the sun isn't around (like taking a vitamin D supplement or using my full spectrum light box during the Winter.)

5 - What joy is the Universe gifting to me at this time? Two of Cups

 I often think of a romantic relationship or a very close friendship when I see this card.  I have been distancing myself from both lately.  Bad feelings about myself have kept me from giving all of myself in my relationships.  My marriage has been more of a business partnership, and I have been avoiding my friends.  I have three different friends from three different parts of the country that are going to be in my area this month, and I've been considering making an excuse for why I can't meet with them.  I've been cancelling lunch dates and declining party invitations.  The Universe is gifting me with  love, friendship, companionship, and SEX, if I will only let myself receive those things.  Joy!

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  1. Perhaps now it is more important to focus on your own self-worth. I see two owls in the card, Just as the Lovers card in you previous reading they are black and white. Where the Lovers is talking about a main life theme, the two of cups tend to focus more on the practical matters. So now is the time to take care of yourself. Do the thing that make you feel good. Sometimes drinking a glass of wine with someone can be more than enough. Don’t set your goals to high. Because that will definitely don’t bring you joy. Be you own best friend! :)

  2. What a lovely spread, and a beautiful reading! The last card reminds me how important connection is in our lives, that feeling that others "get" us and love us :D

  3. Both takes on the Two of Cups are both spot on and very relevant!

  4. Very nice spread and quite useful...I hope you find some comfortable but meaningful connections!


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