Saturday, August 10, 2013

Roof of Wands

Last year when we were building our new deck I had some serious concerns about the project.  This year we are having our roof redone, and the same players are involved in the project which hasn't gone as smoothly as one would hope. Needless to say, I have concerns again.  I pulled a card using the Galaxy Tarot app on my phone.

King of Wands

I couldn't help but smile.  Once again, the King of Wands comes up, and it is clearly my husband's cousin who is facilitating the roof project.  He is the King of Wands in every way, and while I don't necessarily trust the rag-tag group of friends he gathers to help with these projects, I do trust that he will make things right.  It is so cool and interesting that this king has come up for both projects, and he assures me not to worry.

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  1. Yikes, good luck! Having work done is never particularly smooth-going, even with 'professionals'. As you say, at least you know he'll make things right. In the meantime, maybe steer clear as much as you can? Or should you also bring your King of Wands into play, and give some direction?

  2. I am staying completely clear and letting the menfolk handle it. lol!

    1. That would definitely be my approach, too ;)


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