Monday, February 1, 2016


Four of Cups - Joie De Vivre Tarot
These feelings of anxiety are real, and yet, I know I am creating them with my thoughts.  The feelings of isolation and, at times, hopelessness are also all too real, but that is because I'm living in my head, depending too much on my thoughts.  Outside of this box are family and friends reaching out, close enough for me to touch, if only I would.

Look into the water on this card and see love reflected there.  When anxious thoughts take over I need to remember who I am underneath the ego, the thoughts, the fears.  I am love.  The reflection in the water reminds me of The Work of Byron Katie.  One of the questions she asks over and over is, "Who would you be without that thought?"  In this card, I need to see who I really am reflected in the water that is calm and free of those thoughts I'm experiencing inside the box.

Getting out of the box is hard,...or maybe that's another thought that really isn't true.

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  1. "Who would you be without that thought?" Now that is something to take with me today

  2. You know...I'm always around if you want to message me on Facebook or connect with me some other way. I've struggled with anxiety my entire life and I would love to be there to listen. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, MM! I will remember that. I tend to isolate myself and not talk too much about this stuff to my friends because I don't want to bring them down. I'm also afraid I'll trigger other people's anxiety if I discuss my own or that they'll think less of me, that they'll only see my depression and anxiety and forget that I am so much more than that. It's happened before. :-( I've also had a well meaning friend or two try to fix it (always a disaster) or encourage me to not talk about it at all, focus on other stuff instead.

    2. Understood! I admire your vulnerability in blogging! Hugs


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