Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rest and Retreat

Four of Swords - Joie De Vivre Tarot
The beginning of this week was rough, lots of anxiety, for a variety of reasons, but I'm feeling calmer now; calm but exhausted. 

This card is perfect.  I had already started my day gently by spending forty minutes reading in bed before getting up.  It felt nice, and I was almost tempted to feel guilty about it.  Almost.  The Four of Swords is telling me that I'm on the right track by taking time to rest, not just my body, but my mind which has been in overdrive trying to figure out solutions for problems that haven't even occurred yet.

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  1. Yes! Four of Swords is a great card. Mental rest as well as physical. I find I have SO much more vitality when I put my focus on what I can do right now to feel good and let go of the rest for now. xoxox


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