Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Up to Me

I've had some recent success in losing weight, so I pulled three past/present/future cards asking, "Will I continue to be successful in this area, and will I accomplish my goal?

King of Wands, Three of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot

The King of Wands points to the high level of energy and motivation I've brought to the table recently with this new effort toward accomplishing my goals which are: 1) accepting myself unconditionally 2) losing excess weight 3) being more plugged into my life.  I've started a new eating plan, have been going to yoga classes for the first time in my life, and have finally gotten serious about being kind to myself, which has meant leaving some things behind that hinder me.

The Three of Pentacles, I believe, is speaking of the support system I've built for myself.  I have friends both far and wide online and locally who are aware of my goals and have been cheering for me and interested in hearing about my progress, or lack thereof as the case may be at times. My husband is joining me in learning to eat more healthfully, and my kids understand what I'm trying to accomplish and are helping in many ways.

My big question was, "Will I accomplish my goal?" What I really wanted to know is if I'll ever wear my skinny jeans again!  The card in the future position doesn't indicate that I won't reach my goal, nor does it indicate that I will.  Rather, it tells me to hang in there, stay focused, keep working on it.  It suggests I may have a few more things to learn and maybe I can find some wise teachers along the way.

The description of the card from the book says, "The Page of Pentacles comes bearing her message for opportunities of growth and prosperity.  It is a small spark she holds, but she is just the harbinger for potential.  Make of that spark what you will -- a mere smoldering coal or the blaze of a rising star -- but that choice and vision is something that each individual must find on their own, using skills and resources at hand."

So, I guess that means whether or not I'm successful depends on me.  Hmmm.  That could be good news or bad, and again, I suppose it depends on how I choose to look at it.  I think I'll readopt an old mantra I used a few years ago when I was facing a similar challenge, and that is:  I can't fail unless I give up.


  1. Hi Siddaleah.This looks to me a like a wonderful uplifting reading. I think loving yourself unconditionally can work miracles.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy your yoga class

  2. Thanks, Ellen, and I agree about the miracles!

  3. Hi Siddaleah,
    I've often associated the Page of Pentacles with learning something practical or physical. In that way, it could be saying that there's more to be learnt in the future, but that's no bad thing. For example, it's come up for me in the past connected with practising yoga, which is a continual learning process - learning where your flexibility is challenged, learning how your strength can increase, learning how to listen to your body. In that way, I see it as a very positive card for the future: that you will keep learning and progressing :)
    Best of luck,

    1. That makes perfect sense! The woman who is teaching the yoga class I'm taking has been practicing yoga for many years, but she often says that she is still a student herself. Thanks, Chloƫ!

    2. :D And glad to hear you're going to do the yoga starter course again with your daughter - that fits perfectly, too!

    3. Ah, yes it does, doesn't it? Tarot is so cool! :-)


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