Friday, June 14, 2013

Break Free - Swim to the Surface

Eight of Cups - Revelations Tarot

I pulled the Eight of Cups this morning with the intention of looking for connections to it throughout my day.  The first thing it reminded me of was the sun salutations I've just begun practicing.  The merman swimming to the surface almost resembles someone in the extended mountain yoga pose.  I also connect to this card because I'm trying to leave behind habits that no longer serve me while trying to establish new healthier habits.  Still, I am holding onto some habits for the pure hedonistic pleasure of them, and maybe this card is telling me something better awaits if I could only let go.

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  1. Well, letting go is easier if we have something else drawing us up or forward. Maybe, if the impetus to spend more time on yoga grows, the desire to do other less positive things will decrease without it feeling like you have to give something up... Or maybe that's wishful thinking, I guess time will tell :)

    1. That's my hope, that adding good nutritious whole food will lessen my cravings for other stuff and that adding activity that strengthens and relaxes my body will break through the rut of inactivity I've built. :-)


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