Thursday, November 1, 2012

To Write or Not to Write

I'm considering participating in Nanowrimo this month.  I haven't quite been able to commit to it, though. Two of my daughters participate every year, and I have participated in the past, although, I only got about halfway through my word count before I ran out of steam (and words!).

Besides, until last night I had not a clue what I would write.  I did a writing prompt tarot spread, and I've been mulling it over for the last couple of days, and last night, after I crawled into bed, of course, the cards came together in a rough plot.  I had to get up and write down a few notes.  It was after midnight and my fourteen year old was still up and already working on her novel.She'd been waiting for midnight so she could officially begin.  She's already 9% finished.

Anyway, here's my spread.  Beginning/Middle/End - Plot twist/Theme

Plot Spread - The Gilded Tarot

What kind of story do you come up with using these cards?

Here's my take.  The story starts with action.  I see a girl being chased by several other girls through the woods behind their home or the woods next to their school for troubled girls.  In the middle of the story the main character will discover her power, but she'll also struggle with ego.  Of course, the Four of Wands indicates a happy ending.  I think my main character will either be reunited with her true family or find a new family that loves and supports her.

Plot twist?  My main character is going to discover a portal to another world.  Her true world.  She is an alien among us from a higher plane.  Judgement will be the theme.  Judgement of mankind?  The main character will certainly face a moment of truth or two or three.  Judgement is an excellent theme.

Now, if only the words would come.

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  1. Hey Lady!

    You won my blogiversary giveaway! Pop by my blog to get the scoop.


  2. I say go for it with the Nanowrimo. Even if you don't finish, it'll still be an amazing experience :) And if you get stuck for words, pull some cards - what's happening with my heroine now, who is around her, what are they up to!

  3. You feel pressured to start (deadline)
    but taking part before was a great experience
    On the other hand you are concerned that kind of heads down dedication takes away from other parts of your life.

    Story of a highly successful woman who meets and is judged by those she has stepped on to get where she is today.
    How about a bunch of short stories with each person changing her future
    happy sad horrific funny...all leading to a cohesive whole.
    All the best!

  4. You're right on with your take on how I feel about the nanowrimo experience, Sharyn! I did start my story, but it is slow going. This is just such a busy time of year for me, so I've decided not to worry too much about the deadline, but I would like to finish this book, just for me. :-) My story starts with a girl who will become the successful woman you see. There is a sci-fi/fantasy element too. I like reading those kinds of books the best. :-D


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