Friday, March 4, 2016

Enjoying the Fruits of My Labor

Nine of Coins - Joie De Vivre Tarot

What a perfect card to pull on my budgeting/bill-paying/menu-planning/grocery-shopping day!  And now I have a full fridge and can relax and enjoy (Ha!) until  next week.

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend! and don't forget to make time for yourself!

  2. Awesome! That is a huge accomplishment. I can tell you that!! It's just really tiring having too shop, cook, clean over and over again every week. You're making it easier for yourself. :) P.S. My blog is temporarily private while I'm in thinker mode deciding what to do with my sites. I consolidated my sites into one site back in January (, but even that is on hold as I re-assess what I want to do. But my Magic Mentha blog is not deleted--just not visible at the moment. MUCH LOVE!!

    1. Oh, thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to seeing which direction you go. xoxo


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